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Assembly Cpapbility
  • Wafer BG process capability
    • Product type: 8”, 12” wafer.
    • Final thickness: ≧50um.
    • TTV : ±10um.
  • Wafer Saw process capability
    • Different size tuck table for different wafer size.
    • DI wafer plus CO2 and diamaflow, avoid ESD and contamination issue.
    • Different saw blade type and parameters optimize solution for Si, CMOS, LiTa and Glass material saw.
  • High accuracy chip mount capability
    • Fine pitch Cu pillar flip chip / CSP assembly.
    • High resolution alignment for placement accuracy of 36um.
    • Accurate placement force control.
    • Auto optical visual inspection machine to perform high efficiency top side inspection.
  • Die Mounting Process Capability
    • Multi dice capability.
    • Thin die capability.
    • Stacked die capability.
    • DAF (die attach film) bonding capability.
    • Automatic optical inspection die mounting.
    • Flip chip die bonding capability.
    • Die shear, Die location & BLT SPC control.
  • Wire Bonding Process Capability
    • Gold wire bonding capability.
    • Copper & other alloy wire bonding capability.
    • Staked die wire bonding capability.
    • ULL( Ultra low loop) wire bonding capability.
    • QFN wire bonding capability.
    • Automatic optical inspection wire bonding.
    • Automatic laser bad mark.
    • Wire pull, Ball shear ,loop height etc SPC control.
  • Mold process capability
    • Product type: LGA, QFN, LTCC, Double Mold, Ceramic etc series.
    • Vacuum type: Top/Bottom vacuum mold chase.
    • Flex rubber mold : advantage for preventing die crack/delaminating issue/embedded components substrate.
    • Mold level: Min substrate thickness is 0.125mm, mold area max. 240mm*74mm, mold gap min.100um.
  • Mark process capability
    • Different Laser Diode solution for Compound, Plastic Metal etc materials.
    • Auto scanning marking content to prevent wrong Marking.
    • Support small package size marking basing 2D barcode scanning and mapping identify.
  • Saw process capability
    • Taping saw and Jig saw is available base on product package size and ESD level.
    • Auto peeling or pick/place on tray after saw to handle free.
    • Different saw blade type and parameters optimize solution for PCB, QFN, Ceramic and Glass material saw.
  • AOI process capability
    • 3D Auto Optical Visual inspection machine to cover unit top/bottom/side visual inspection.
    • 100% AOI screening critical visual defect as body damage, void, component exposed, scratch , uneven etc.
  • EMI Sputtering process capability
    • Base on customer’s product EMI shield specification, support the best sputtering material/and process control.
    • XRF equipment real time monitor sputtering thickness.
    • Handle free solution including die to tape, auto-demount, AOI to get better EMI visual quality.
  • Thick Film process capability
    • Via fill by Gold & Silver.
    • Multi layer stack on front or back
    • Laser PT & AT capable

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