Health and Environment

Our Policy

  • Pollution Prevention and Treatment, Waste Reduction, Provide Green Products
  • Sustainable Utilization of Resources, Protect The Earth, Operate Concretely for Green Company.
  • Safety and Health as the foundation, Strengthen the management of benefits.
  • All Involve for Excellence, Continuous Improve for Development

  • ShunSin takes ISO14001&ISO45001 system as foundation, combine with RoHS&GP, Reach&RBA environmental protection rules, continuously self renewing and developing to achieve the goals of Green ShunSin.
  • ShunSin fully implements Health, Safety and Environmental protection policy, and combines with ISO14064 system to ensure health and safety of all employees. All processes’ controls integrate energy saving and emission reduction, to execute company’s responsibilities.
  • Shun Sin requested all suppliers need to follow up environmental protection rules and social responsibility, to ensure all shipments from suppliers can meet RoHS&Reach&RBA rules,to implement green procurement.
  • ShunSin promote a healthy, safe, environmental-friendly process control system to ensure a harmless assembly process. With a thorough environmental-friendly system,ShunSin produces green products with good quality.
  • To act on laws and regulation, customers’ requirements and management system requirements, ShunSin requires suppliers to sign green environmental protection protocol, and asks suppliers to provide materials declaration and hazardous materials inspection report, and records into system controls.
  • Greenhouse gas emissions of recent year :
    YEAR 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022
    Emissions (Ton) 25,698.6228,230.8335,470.4432,585.44 51,695.4234,792.5830,736.20
    Remarks: the data has been authenticated by SGS.

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