Thick Film Product
1.About TF Assembly
  • Typical thick film integrated circuit use ceramic substrate and connect conductive trace & passive components to the surface by ink printing technology. Other active components, like IC,diode,cap,inductors,ASIC etc will attach to thick film ceramic substrate with flip chip, SMT, wire bond, die mount technology. With I/O pin connected and module packaged, an applicable IC with complete function and high confidentiality is made. That's what we call thick film integrated circuit.
2.Thick film's advantage? sip
  • Flexible design, low R & D cost
  • Compact size
  • Simple process
  • Quick to market
  • High voltage, high power and high current resistant
  • High reliability
  • Easy to change over and provide low volume and various type products
3.Thick film's Application
  • Automobile
    • Sensor module, like pressure sensor and fuel level sensor etc.
    • Electric lighter
  • Electric lighter
    • Microphone in mobile phone
    • RF amplifier and GPS
  • Medical appliance
    • Pulse adjustment equipment
    • Microphone in hear aid
    • Heater plate
  • Computer
    • Integrated memory
Heater plate
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