Opitcal Transceiver
1.About optical transceiver?
  • Optical module is consists of optoelectronics components, circuit and optical port. There are two main parts namely transmitter and receiver. The main function is to convert optical signal to electrical signal and vice versa.
  • Transmitter converts electrical signal to optical signal. Laser driver processes the electrical signal and drive LD (laser Diode) or VCSEL (Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser) to emit modulated optical signal. There is a optical power control loop to ensure consistent power of optical signal.
  • Receiver converts optical signal to electrical signal. Photo Diode (PD) or Avalanche Photo Diode (APD) converts the optical signal to electrical signal. Trans-impedance Amplifier (TIA) then amplifies the electrical signal.
  • Optical Module with Transmitter and Receiver in one form factor is commonly seen in the market. It is also known as transceiver.
2.Optical transceiver's advantage
  • In line with exponential growth of Bandwidth demand in Optical telecommunication industry such as cloud computing, HD video, e-Commerce etc.
  • Small Form Factor
  • Low Power Consumption of less than 3W
  • Hot Pluggable. Convenient For Maintenance.
  • High Data Transmission Speed. 100Gb/s, 120Gb/s, 200Gb/s, 300Gb/s and 400Gb/s
  • High Reliability. Up to 10 Years of Operating Life.
  • Mfg process is environmental friendly.
3. Transceiver application
  • Data Center for Internet
  • 5G Network
  • Router and Switch
  • Data Center for Enterprise
  • Dedicated Protocol and High Density Application such as inter connectivty of Super Computer
超級計算機1 超級計算機2
4. Description of products
  • 800Gb/s QSFP-DD
  • 400Gb/s QSFP-DD
  • 300Gb/s CXP2
  • 300Gb/s CXP2 AOC
  • 200Gb/s QSFP56 FR4
  • 128Gb/s SFP-DD
  • 120G CXP
  • 100Gb/s PAM4 SR
  • 100Gb/s QSFP28 SR4
  • 100Gb/s QSFP28 FR1
  • 100Gb/s CWDM4 FR4
  • 40Gb/s BIDI
  • 25Gb/s SFP28 AOC
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