ShunSin operating companies adhere to transparency, focus on shareholders' equity, and believe that sound and effective board of directors is the foundation of good corporate governance. Under this principle, the Board authorized its audit committee and the compensation committee established under, respectively, to assist the Board in fulfilling its oversight responsibilities. The articles of association of the committees were approved by the Board and the Chairmen of the Committee's report on its activities and decisions to the Board on a regular basis. Audit Committee and Compensation composed entirely of independent directors.

Board of Directors
In accordance with the Articles of Association, there shall be a Board of Directors consisting of not less than five or not more than nine persons. The Independent Directors shall be not less than three persons. The current Board of Directors is owned persons with great breadth experience... The Board of the Company want to improve oversight function, strengthen management function and implement corporate governance and currently decided to set up audit and compensation committees with the consideration on the size of the Board of Directors and the number of independent directors.
Internal Audit
Major Internal Policies
ShunSin’s internal audit team is an independent department which is directly affiliated to the board. It reports to the board on every board of directors meeting, audit committee and general manager if necessary. Click to look Major Internal Policies