Social Responsibility

Human Rights Policy

Human rights assessment
In pursuit of sustainable business, the company also pays attention to people and the environment, and undertakes and promotes social responsibility for employees, consumers and the overall environment. In order to fulfill corporate social responsibility and protect the basic human rights of all colleagues, customers and stakeholders, Shunsin strictly abides by the principles of international human rights conventions such as the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the United Nations Guiding Principles for Business and Human Rights, the United Nations Global Covenant and the United Nations International Labour Organization, as well as the RBA Code of Conduct and conducts of the electronics industry, and conduct human rights assessment regularly according to the above standards. SER committee is set up by the company to conduct annual human rights assessment, which mainly includes internal review in five aspects: labor, health and safety, environmental protection, business ethics and management system, and invite external third-party institutions to conduct review. The assessment is based on relevant laws and regulations, international human rights conventions, customer requirements, electronic industry norms, RBA code of conduct, etc, The problems found in the assessment shall be rectified immediately or within 1-3 months according to the severity, so as to ensure compliance with the requirements of human rights policies.
Human rights risk mitigation measures
The company abides by national labor laws and regulations, abide by internationally recognized labor standards and other applicable industrial and international conventions, and continuously improve working conditions and welfare of employees;
To provide good working and living conditions of safety and health for employees;To provide employees with equal and fair working environment and reasonable salary and welfare treatment;
Respect employees' freedom and collective bargaining rights;
Reasonable arrangement of employees' working hours, rest and vacation time;
Prohibition of child Labour and forced Labour;
Any form of discrimination is prohibited to ensure the healthy growth of employees and meet their basic needs;
The company formulates labor management system and moral hazard assessment measures, Continuously collect human rights related laws and regulations, industrial and international labor standards, customer CSR requirements, etc., on a quarterly basis according to the method, and evaluate the legal compliance of the company's actual operations, evaluates the risk index of potential risk problems according to the severity, occurrence frequency and impact scope, lists medium and high-risk items in the risk management list for management, requires immediate or deadline rectification of various risk items, and simultaneously improves the system to reduce human rights risks Conduct CSR management review every year, set up complaint hotline and mailbox, formulate application processing system flow, keep labor and employees smooth at any time
Human rights protection education and training
Orientation Training - Sexual harassment prevention, anti-discrimination, anti-harassment, prohibition of forced labor, freedom of Association, health and safe working environment, etc. Safety and health training: safety and health education training, fire safety training, emergency response, first aid personnel training, occupational health and safety training, etc.
Social responsibility training courses: social responsibility management training for grass-roots supervisors, social responsibility and work code of conduct training for all employees, education and propaganda from daily behavior and moral standards, providing a healthy and positive workplace culture.
Course category Class-time(Hour) Person-time Hours
Rookie training 343 931 6026.5
Safety and health training series 103.5 2,036 3,104.5
Social responsibility training course 11.5 436 474.0