Social Responsibility

Green Operation

  • Environmental Management Policy
    Environment Policy:Prevent pollution and continually reduce waste emissions, Provide products environmentally friendly, Save energy and protect the earth, Practically operate a green enterprise.
    Environment Slogan:prevention, energy conservation, waste reduction, recycling, pollution-free, continuous improvement
  • Environmental Protection
    Based on the management idea of caring about the earth's environment, our company not only have set up the relevant environmental management system and policy, but also appointed personnel to follow up and take action of them. And selecting the suppliers with environmental responsibility, using the recycled materials, reducing emissions, establishing a proper way to deal with the waste, and providing the non-toxic products to customers.
  • Non conflict Minerals Policy
    Company and the suppliers should comply with the non conflict minerals policy of RBA(Responsible Business Alliance) , and promise not to support and use the Tin (Sn), Tantalum (Ta), Tungsten (W), Gold (Au), ect, which came from the armed conflict, illegal mining and poor mining environment of the Democratic Republic of the Congo and its neighboring countries, so-called "conflict minerals".
  • Hazardous Substances And Materials Management
    According to the requirements of EU REACH regulations, RoHS, HF, PFOS, our company have formulated the harmful substances and materials management provisions. In order to meet customer requirements and international regulations, ShunSin require the suppliers to comply with the Green Purchasing Regulations. In addition, ShunSin continue to internal update the harmful material specification normally, and require the suppliers to perform close control.
  • Product Certification
    Since the establishment, ShunSin has passed the certification of ISO9001 and IATF16949, ESD S20.20,ISO14001, ISO45001, ISO14064, ISO13485 etc, and get the international main mobile phone and wireless communication manufacturer product validation. Please see attached agreement for more details
  • Risk Response To Climate Change
    The company is well aware of the impact of global warming and climate change on the environment, so it actively adopts mitigation and adaptation measures to identify and respond to risks according to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations, and takes "energy conservation and emission reduction" as the core in view of the risks of "greenhouse effect".Promote the implementation of green factories.To cope with climate change in the future, according to the company's low-carbon strategy, we have installed 0.797MW solar photovoltaic power station in the plant, used clean energy and improved the energy efficiency of equipment, and continued to carry out the construction of green park in the plant, and promoted the photovoltaic power station phase II project to increase by more than 0.778MW.We will increase afforestation and afforestation, promote water-saving projects, increase the proportion of recycled water to more than 10%, and plan to reduce tap water consumption by more than 20% within five years.Reduce carbon emissions.To target zero emissions with a view to peaking carbon emissions by 2050 and setting a strategy for sustainable environmental development.
  • Green Factory
    In order to protect the earth environment and reflect corporate social responsibility, the company implements green development strategy.In order to promote green energy conservation and environmental protection, promote green factory implementation: afforestation and install solar photovoltaic (pv) using clean energy, water recovery system, solid waste resource recycling of resources, energy saving low carbon factory, realizing “Made in China 2025" low carbon production, the company in February 2018 to obtain the national green factory evaluation.
  • Energy Conservation And Emissions Reduction
    In order to reduce global warming and climate change, such as the greenhouse effect the impact on the environment, the company annual independent scrutiny of greenhouse gas emissions, and emissions reduction measures actively, enhance staff consciousness of environmental protection and energy saving. In GB/T23331 energy management system, in accordance with the principle of energy: energy saving, emission reduction, green, circulation, to carry out the energy conservation and emissions reduction measures, the development and utilization of clean energy, to carry out the cleaner production audit system certification and green factory. Save energy consumption and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, in order to reduce the pollution of the environment. " The 14th Five-year " total energy saving target of 22.5%. 2021 through guangdong voluntary cleaner production audit, And join guangdong Province cleaner Production Association.
    Year Energy Saving
    Rate Target
    Energy Saving
    Rate Actual
    Total completion
    2021 0.97% 0.97% 0.97%
    2022 4.2% 4.2% 4.2%
    2023 5.63%
    2024 5.8%
    2025 5.9%
    Total Saving Goal 22.5% 5.17% 5.17%
    is1 is2

    Recent annual greenhouse gas emissions:
    Year 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022
    Emissions (Ton) 35,470.44 32,585.44 51,695.42 34,792.58 30,736.20
    Remarks: the data has been authenticated by SGS.