Company Milestones

milestone 2022
  • 5G Filter Module mass production.
  • Automotive Lidar Sensor EVT.
  • SWIR for wearable device EVT
milestone 2021
  • Qualified by two European customers for new products.
  • Mass production of dToF products for the first domestic customer.
milestone 2020
  • Zhongshan subsidiary ShunYun technology was established.
  • Shunyun Hanoi plant, a subsidiary of Vietnam, is put into production
  • Trial production of fan out system module project
  • Trial production of wearable system module
milestone 2019
  • Zhongshan Subsidiary 3nd plant completed construction and put into use.
  • The Vietnam Subsidiary was established and plant comstruction began
  • More than 500 million sensing products
milestone 2018
  • The third plant of zhongshan subsidiary laid the foundation and began to build
  • Shenzhen branch was established and put into production
milestone 2017
  • Qualified by customer for Optical modules.
  • The second plant of zhongshan subsidiary completed the expansion of the second and third floors and put into use
  • Hefei subsidiary was established and put into production
milestone 2016
  • Automotive electronics capability implement , Qualified by customer for automotive module
  • Qualified by customer for Fingerprint modules
milestone 2015
  • ShunSin Technology (Samoa) Corporation Limited, Established
  • Listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange
  • Fingerprint modules capability implement
  • Zhongshan Subsidiary 2nd plant completed construction and start production
milestone 2014
  • ShunSin IPO application be approved by Taiwan Stock Exchange
  • The Shareholders’ meeting resolved an ordinary resolution to re-denominate the Shares from USD 1 to NTD 10
  • MEMS/Optical Sensor qualified by customer
milestone 2013
  • Zhongshan Subsidiary changed name to ShunSin Technology (Zhong Shan) Ltd.
milestone 2012
  • Zhongshan Subsidiary acquired the award of “Harmonious labor relations in Enterprises” of Zhongshan City
  • Zhongshan Subsidiary acquired the award of “Excellent Taiwan Funded Enterprises” of Guangdong Province
milestone 2011
  • Zhongshan Subsidiary passed High and New Technology Enterprise Audit of Guangdong Province
milestone 2010
  • Zhongshan Subsidiary certified by ISO18001
milestone 2009
  • Zhongshan Subsidiary setup 120GB/s Fiber Optical TXR Line, and qualified by customer
  • Zhongshan Subsidiary setup QFN Packaging Capability and qualified by customer
milestone 2008
  • ShunSin Technology Holdings Limited, Established
  • Zhongshan Subsidiary establish Enterprise Engineering Research and Development Center
  • Zhongshan Subsidiary acquires the Qualification of "High and New Technology Enterprise of Guangdong Province"