The Resolution of ShunSin 2019 Annual General Meeting

1.The Meeting date:2020/06/15

2.Important resolutions (1) profit distribution/deficit compensation :

  The proposal for distribution of 2020 earnings.

3.Important resolutions (2) amendments of the coporat charter:

  Approved the amendments of the MEMORANDUM AND ARTICLES OF ASSOCIATION OF

  ShunSin Technology Holdings Limited.

4.Important resolutions (3) business report and financial statements: Approved

5.Important resolutions (4) elections of board of directors and supervisors:

  Newly-elected directors:

    1. Foxconn (Far East) Limited, Representative: Hsu, Wen-Yi

    2. Foxconn (Far East) Limited, Representative: Ni, Ching-Yu

    3. Foxconn (Far East) Limited, Representative: Yu, Che-Hung

    4. Mou, Chung-Hsin

    5. Independent Director: Chiu, Huang Chuan

    6. Independent Director: Ting, Hung-Hsun

    7. Independent Director: Lin, Ying-Shan

6. Important resolutions (5) other proposals:

  (1)Discussion of the amendments to the Company’s “Rules of Procedure for Shareholders Meetings”

  (2)Discussion to approve the lifting of director of non-competition restrictions: Approved.

7. Any other matters that need to be specified: None